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Factors to consider when designing a septic field

Designing a septic field requires a lot of planning to ensure that the whole project runs smoothly. Lack of proper planning can cause severe damages which will make you regret in future. You need to research properly so that you can determine the best location for your septic field. The following are factors to consider when designing our septic field.

Size of the site

Your septic field should be big enough to hold a large septic tank. There are several benefits of having a large septic tank which includes it does not get full quickly thus you will save from cost you could have incurred from pumping it more often. Septic field should have enough space for creating breather. Adequate space is also necessary to facilitate pumping; you need a space for parking the exhausting truck when pumping your septic tank.


You should consider building your septic tank on a relatively flat but well-drained land. You can hire a septic service company to inspect your land and install a septic tank for you. Septic contractors understand how to determine the best area to make you septic field. Contractors also know how to check whether the ground is firm enough to hold a septic tank. Lose ground might be affected by earth movements such as landslides and soil erosion which might destroy your septic tank. If your septic fields usually floods they will make the septic tank become full quickly thus calling for frequent pumping. Contractors can help you to install a drainage system that will direct the water away from the septic fields thus your septic tank will be able to hold for long without becoming full.



Before designing your septic field, you need to obtain a permit from the local authority. There are some areas such as public reserves that have been restricted by the authority where you cannot build a permanent structure. A septic service contractor should help you to obtain a permit since they understand the procedures that need to be followed.


A well designed septic field should be located in the most convenient part of the homestead. A septic tank should be installed a couple of meters away from the homestead. You can imagine how it can be like to see a septic lid every time you leave the house. Septic tanks also release fouls sometimes smells thus you need to ensure that the smell does not come to your house in such instances. Every system malfunctions at some point in its economic life. This also applies to the septic system; you can imagine the mess that can be created if you had your septic installed near your house and it starts overflowing. Click here to read more about the importance of cleaning septic tanks.


The contractor you hire to design your septic system matters a lot. There are so many contractors out there who claim to offer quality septic service, but unfortunately, not all of this information is true. You need to be careful since most contractors especially the upcoming do shady work. You need to ensure that you hire high qualified and experienced contractors, and you will be amazed by the services you will get. You should also consider hiring the contractors who have gained a great reputation from satisfying their previous clients.


Designing a septic field can be tricky since it needs to be handled with a lot of care. However, you can hire a contractor to help you out with the project.

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